Vanamohatsav 2023-24

News Report – VANAMOHATSAV 2023-24

Kalpa School, on 3rd August 2023


Vanmahotsav Celebrations were held at Kalpa School, Banjara Hills. We were privileged to have our honorable Chief Guest Mrs. Rekha Reddy who is an Ikebana master. Her art style comprises of a unique blend of Indian and Japanese culture. Through Ikebana she has made the country proud by representing India in several International Conferences. Her concern for the nature is truly praise-worthy.


The Vanmahotsav Programme was commenced by a prayer sung by the melodious choir. This prayer acknowledged the beautiful bounties of nature bestowed upon the mankind by Almighty. This was followed by the speech of the Head Boy and Head Girl of Kalpa school in which they taught the fellow kalpites the importance of planting trees and making the earth clean and green for us to live in.


The programme was given a fun flavor by the outstanding and lively performances clone by our talented kalpites. They through their graceful performances depicted and conveyed how important the trees are for life. They also spread awareness of the ill-effects of deforestation and global warming. The entire school pledged with the Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy and swore to keep the environment clean, green and beautiful. They also pledged to restrain themselves from felling trees.


Later on, the esteemed Director Mrs. Kusum Gupta addressed the gathering and imparted her knowledge and also motivated and encouraged the young crowd to plant trees.


The Chief Guest Mrs. Rekha Reddy then shared her words of wisdom and instilled among us the invaluable significance of trees which not only shower us with their innumerable benefits but also rejuvenate our mind, body and soul.


The one who plants a tree, plats the forests heritage. The harvest of the coming age, the joy that the unborn eyes shall see. These things he plants who plants a tree.


From this we come to know that the Vanmahotsav teaches to let the trees thrive because these nature’s gifts are the ultimate life givers.




Salwa Fatima & Aishwarya Gayatri Kandala (Class 10th)