In the ICSE syllabus examinations, there is a balance between objective and subjective questions. One important distinguishing feature is the importance given to projects. This makes the student extremely active and improves thinking capacity. Verbal ability is greatly enhanced, as emphasis is laid on teaching grammar and increasing the vocabulary of the student.

ICSE syllabus is particularly helpful for students who prefer higher education abroad.


Smart Class

Pioneering initiative called the smart class is now being carried out by Kalpa in collaboration with Extra Marks. Using this world class technology, integrated program for all classrooms, teachers are now able to explain the most abstract concepts in the curriculum using animation, videos, 3D images, and web-based resources, besides the traditional chalk and board methods resulting in a better understanding and retention of lessons by students.

Classrooms have now turned into lively learning platforms at Kalpa where students are enjoying a multi sensory learning experience leading to an improved understanding of concepts. The classrooms have been converted to KTEC (Kalpa Technology Enabled Classrooms)