Independence Day

News Report – INDEPENDENCE DAY 2023

Kalpa School, on 15th August 2023

Bhagat Singh, Once said –


Revolution is an inalienable right of mankind. Freedom is an imperishable birthright of all.


It is with this spirit of Patriotism in our mind that the 77th Independence Day was celebrated by Kalpa School on August 15th, 2023, with utmost zeal and enthusiasm.


The Ceremony started at about 8:30am in the open compound of the school in the presence of the excited students, school faculty and staff. On such an auspicious day of Independence  we celebrate the feeling of being free and coming together as one, and it is with this very feeling that the talented Kalpaites planned several interesting performances to celebrate the feeling of oneness and honour it.


The event started with the March past by the prefects, where the prefects stood upright in front of the flag while the Principal, Mrs. Ayesha Jeelani, Vice Principal, Mrs. Kusuma Prasad and the Director Mrs. Kusum Gupta unfurled the National Flag while the entire school sang the National Anthem in perfect chorus and harmony. This moment indeed, instilled in everyone, the feeling of patriotism and pride in the minds of the young ones as they sang ‘ Jana Gana Mana’ with full spirit.


This was  followed by a speech on behalf of the entire student body by the Deputy Head Boy and the deputy Head Girl while highlighting the struggle for freedom by the martyrs and reminding each and every individual of their rights and duties towards the country.


This was followed by the cultural programme. The engrossing skits and powerful dances deeply moved everyone. These highly enthralling performances with a melodious and patriotic essence celebrated the joy of freedom and depicted its importance. The well-rehearsed and enchanting performances left the audience mesmerized. This was followed by the vote of thanks by the Head Boy and Head Girl who emphasised the spirit of nationalism and promised to uphold all the duties and responsibilities concerning freedom while enjoying the privileges of it.


The 2 hour programme ended with a short yet compelling speech by the Director Mrs. Kusum Gupta who while thanking everyone for the smooth conduct of the program, sowed the seeds of wisdom in the students for the bright and progressive future of our country.


This day was indeed memorable and left an indelible impression on the minds of students and made them understand how valuable freedom is to mankind. It was indeed a day of joy, a day to love and respect our country and to fully contribute for its bright future.



Y. Jishnavi (Assembly Captain)