Investiture Ceremony 2022-23

As many say, “A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” The Investiture Ceremony is one of the momentous occasions when the school entrusts hope, faith, and the mantle of responsibility to the newly appointed school cabinet. It is also a very memorable moment for the newly appointed members of the school cabinet.

Kalpa School observed the Investiture ceremony on the 7th of July 2022. It was held with great pomp, dignity, zeal, and zest.

The ceremony commenced with our Director- Mrs. Kusum Gupta, welcoming our esteemed Chief Guest Mr. Joel Davis, the Deputy Commissioner of West Zone. The main event was started with a prayer to God sung by students. Following it, took place a splendid march past led by the head boy. Our Principal gave a speech about the responsibilities of a student. Then the chief guest was requested to confer the elected students with their respective badges. This was followed by an oath.

The Head boy, Head girl and all the house captains came forward with their flags flying high. With raised arms and flags in respect, the oath recited by the chief guest was followed and accepted. Later, there was a speech rendered by the Head boy and the Head girl as a vote of thanks to the school for giving them the great opportunity of being in the auspicious school cabinet.

This was followed by a speech delivered by the respected chief guest. It was very enthralling. He explained about a marshmallow candy experiment done by officials to know about the probabilities of life. It was explained to everyone that it was done to check the mentalities of students. Later he concluded about being successful with a good mentality and control over temptations. It was an appropriate topic for the present generation. Temptations have led many children go away from their path of life. Therefore, to educate students about this, Mr. Joel David’s speech proved to be a wonderful plan.

This was followed by a speech given by the Director Mrs. Kusum Gupta, thanking the chief guest for gracing the occasion and gave few words of motivation to the newly appointed leaders.

The ceremony concluded with a standing ovation to the honourable chief guest. All of them thanked him for his precious words. This day was marked as a very prestigious one in the hearts of the school leaders. It made them learn that being a leader does not mean they are very great to rule others but are good to help and guide others in their life.


Anandita – X ‘A’

Literary Captain