Grand Parents Day Celebration 2023-24



Grand Parents Day celebrations were held at Kalpa School with immense zeal. The kalpites celebrated & embraced the beautiful bond that exists between a grandparent and a grandchild because the best phrase to describe our grandparents is “Old is Gold”. Old in the experience that the grandparents have gained over the years and the experience of an old or senior is equivalent to gold. Our precious grandparents are precious for our families especially the grandchildren. They are the very reminders of our roots, heritage, our culture, our traditions & our morals. The celebrations commenced by a soulful welcome song followed by our Director, Mrs. Kusum Gupta’s address. The role of performance had begun with a beautiful classical nrityam.


The kalpites then performed a traditional Gusadi dance which is synomous of the rich heritage of Adilabad. The dancers were dressed like the Raj Gond’s of Adilabad district and through their costumes they showcased the local artistic, clothing and traditional, music of the region.


This was followed by another folk dance “Kalbeliya” which represented the rich culture & tradition of Rajasthan. The girls performing the Kalbeliya dance were dressed as a snake charmer tribe and were adorned with beautiful and traditional accessories.


Then the beloved grandparents were also given the opportunity to show their talent and address the gathering. They inspired the young crowd and wished them luck for their future endevours. The presence of the lovely grandparent lit up the school premises with joy and fervour.


In conclusion Kalpa school has provided an excellent platform to pay homage to our grandparents who are those beautiful beings who hold our hands for a little time and our hearts forever.


Salwa Khan -10A (Godwin House Captain)   &   Aishwarya Gayathri -10A (Deputy Head Girl)