Van Mahotsav Celebration 2022-23


“He who plants a tree, plants hope!”

Van Mahotsav is an annual tree planting festival celebrated throughout India to honor and pay respect to the mighty creators and the lungs of Mother Earth.

Kalpa school observed Van Mahotsav on the 29th of July 2022. The teachers, students and all the other staff of the school looked up to the almighty plants and celebrated this event by spreading joy and good words about plants.

Every year, as a part of celebration, Kalpa school has been giving many saplings to the children and the teachers. This motive was taken to educate and make a habit for the children to respect and care for the plants.

This year the event began with a prayer sung by the melodious choir. It was a prayer acknowledging God for giving all of us life and plants for helping in maintaining that life. Then there was a speech rendered by the Deputy Head boy and the Deputy Head girl. Their words of encouragement to plant saplings had a great affect on everyone present. They expressed the importance of planting trees and their socio-economic effects. Several hazardous problems or issues created by the deforestation was highlighted through this speech. Over all, it was a marvellous speech. This was followed by the Head boy and Head girl coming forth to take a solemn pledge to plant trees and guide others in making the planet clean for the future generations. Later on, classes of 4, 5 and 6 showcased a very beautiful Hindi skit with the theme – Save earth and save yourself! The adorable students beautifully led the audience through the skit. It included songs and dances. The theme was well depicted through their choice of words, intonations and movements. It brought happiest smiles over everyone’s faces. This was succeeded by a song sung by the Telugu students. The song had a deep meaning and was very sweet to hear. Later on the director – Mrs Kusum Gupta gave few words about the program that went on exquisitely. She also spoke about few incidents that instilled the value of social responsibility among the students. Everyone got to know that ma’am was a true nature lover! The program was ended with a song sung by everyone about the beautiful and rich planet.

The curiosity to learn and the will to change were clearly seen in the children the following days. As always said, “Its better late than never!”. There is no perfect timing to do anything. It’s you who makes the present timing perfect and implements things.