Kalpa School

Located at the elite Banjara Hills area. Once inside the spacious school grounds, the gates are closed by the security guard posted at the gate.


Kalpa offers classes from the nursery to the tenth with ICSE syllabus and additional selected reading to give academics a holistic feel.


Kalpa School with a huge palatial building, swimming pool, skating rink is like a home away from home where children love to spend their day.


Kalpa as a school, believes in a holistic approach to education. Education that helps in the blossoming of the physical, mental, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual dimensions of a child.


To identify and nurture the talent in each child, Kalpa has a host of scientifically designed co-curricular activities.


Apart from excellence in academics, which inculcates the best and latest educational systems from around the world, kalpa inspires children to learn from nature, from various arts and architecture, culture, religions and regions. It has been Kalpa's motto to see every child grows from a tiny bud into a beautiful blossom.